Technology Builders at Code N Kids

What is Technology Builders? If you’re residing in Toronto or living anywhere in Ontario and you need a solid, certified yet an unhinged platform to learn coding, we’re it. Code N Kids is a virtual after school platform for kids who want to learn how to code. And seeing as how the dynamics of programming […]

Scratch Programming at Code N Kids

What is Scratch? As a parent, you’ve probably dreamt of your child growing up to be the future’s next tech guru by inventing another Facebook or creating an app like Amazon. That’s perfectly normal. But then, you also may have thought, how do I get them started on it? Coding. You get them started on […]

Code N Kids available in Mississauga

Good news for Peel County residents! Now that we’ve gotten used to living indoors (well, for most of us) we’ve also figured out how to keep ourselves engaged and active during these times. And especially for families with kids, it can be exhausting at times. This is why you’d find it interesting that you can […]

Coding for a new life at YMAP

Picture yourself as a teenager living in a country where you’re not familiar with your local surroundings, the customs, people and food or even the language. And you’re not a tourist either which places you in a precarious position. And, if there comes along an organization that helps you acclimatize to your new settings that […]

Learn coding with Code n Kids and YMCA

Who’s looking forward to having the best enriching summer ever! Moms and dads, get ready because your kids are going to have fun, make new friends, build stuff, all in our exciting coding summer camp program. So, what is coding? Coding is what makes your phones’ apps work, makes robots do cool things and it’s […]

5 Reasons why your child will love online coding camps

As the author of Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming (2015), Dr. Bryson Payne writes: “Coding is not the goal. Coding is the gateway.” Children are naturally curious and inquisitive about their surroundings and as they soak up information, they jumble it up with their ideas and dish it out […]

Say hello to Code N Kids this summer!

Coding has become the utmost necessity for the younger generation and is said to be holding the future together. We’re going to go as far as saying that if your child loves coding at this point in time, we’re pretty confident they have a bright future ahead for themselves. Therefore, Code N Kids brings in […]