Virtual Coding Programs in Durham (Ajax, Pickering &Whitby)

Life in Durham has its advantages where you may not easily find them elsewhere, good food, cool places to hang out, strong community sense among the residents and the city puts in money where it needs to.
When it comes to education, schools are up to standard and there’s of course Durham College. But, what about your younger kids? As the dynamics of education change, STEM education has become vital for all kids to learn.
To give them a really good kick-start in STEM education, the first thing to do is teach themcoding. That’s where it all starts.
Kids learning how to code and understanding how programming works, not only is vital for your kids’ future but creates an entirely smarter generation of Canadians.

At Code N Kids, we provide online coding classes where your kids can learn the principles of coding, even as young as 6 years.
An after-school programwhere kids learn about coding languages such as Scratch, Python, Minecraft (yes, really. Minecraft) and how to make your own robots.
It also depends a lot on where you live and where you can get easy access to coding classes for your kids. For example,Pickering is less than an hour’s drive away from Toronto yet it has its own charm and way of living with good food, good music and be updated on tech trends.
That absolutely doesn’t mean you have to go all the way to downtown Toronto for a coding class, you can access them right in Pickering if you live there.
You could be living near Downtown Whitby and your kids want to be like Iron Man. Well you can sign them up with our classes as they’ll be learning how to make their own robots! From a very early age they’ll know what functions robots can do and if they keep at it they’ll figure ways to use robots to solve daily life problems.
Not only robotics, but coding itself teaches children to stretch their creativity to its limits, be a good team player, learn to think systematically and gain an upper hand in problem solving which come really handy in their future goals.
Just like in Pickering, Whitby and nearby areas, you can also access our classes for your kids if you live in Ajax.Under your observation and with our team of highly skilled trainers we make coding cool, interactive and keeps their curiosity levels high to build and program for the better.
Make the right decision today and sign them up

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