Virtual Coding Programs in Halton (Oakville, Burlington & Milton)

If you live in Oakville, Burlington or Milton, then you know these cities thrive on progress, community and being a safe place to live and raise your family. It’s why it’s becoming the center point for parents getting their kids an early nudge in STEM education.
STEM education is obviously the future for Canada and subsequently, the world but it all begins with coding. And, as a parent, you’ll definitely want your kids to be learning the exact skills that will help them secure jobs and careers in STEM fields.
The lines of code that are written in many coding languages that help programs do their job effectively and it’s what powers all our daily use apps like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc.
Kids getting early insights into coding provides multitudes of advantages, some of the most notable ones being able to think critically, become genuine problem solvers, co-operative team players and come up with innovative solutions with the problems around them.
Programming languages such as Scratch, Python and multiplayer games like Minecraft where you learn coding side by side, all while learning to build your own robots is essentially the best after schools education you can get for your kids.

For Milton residents, you can now find us in the coding camps and online coding classes near you so you don’t have to go all the way over to say Toronto for a coding class!
Just sign up and watch how your child learns coding in each session with our skilled instructors.
From teaching kids how to program a micro controller to letting them build their own apps that provide a unique solution to the issues they face on a daily basis is the ultimate goal kids can learn when they understand the fundamentals of coding.
And whether you reside or work in Burlington where it’s much easier to commute and most amenities are available, you can get access to our coding sessions too!
You can always find more about us by signing your kids up for these live interactive and fun sessions where your kids are not only having fun, but gaining confidence in themselves, working together with other kids and using their creativity to come up the most innovative solutions.
Think of it this way, your kids get smarter every day right in front of you and they’ll learn how to channel their curiosity into productive ideas for the future.

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