Virtual Coding Programs in York (Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill)

Every parent plans the best for their kids’ future. Of course, that’s only logical and right now the most sensible decision you as a parent can do for your kids is to get them started on coding.
Coding is all around you. It is the backbone of our current technological society. The “cement” of all our daily use programs like Netflix and Amazon and even ordering an Uber. All of them run on coding.
And for vibrant, trendy and happening areas like Wismer and Old Markham Village if you happen to reside in Markham, it’s better to be on the smarter band wagon which is STEM education. An early education and development through coding can give your kids the much needed skills and confidence they’ll need for their future careers.
In York, you can now sign up your kids for after school programs like ours where they’ll learn the principles of coding, the many popular coding languages, make videos and games, apps and even make their own robots.

Think of your child as the next tech prodigy and all they need is to get a head-start in coding and using their creativity and curiosity hand in hand they can learn how to think like problem solvers and come up with innovative ideas that others usually miss out.
Coding languages such as Scratch and Python are taught in our online coding camps where under your observation, our skilled instructors teach kids in lively, fun and engaging sessions and enabling them to channel their creativity into beneficial solutions.
Now if you’re living in let’s say Woodbridge in Vaughanyou can still provide your kids with the same access to coding classes as anywhere else. Think of it this way, you could help make your own neighborhood smarter by getting your kids to start coding from today.
Robotics is also another key outlet to comprehending machine learning and artificial intelligence and where kids learn in our sessions to create and program their own robots into doing wonderful and essential daily life tasks or just making life easier with the help of robots.
Virtual coding classes or camps in Richmond Hill might be hard to get by and specially good ones so you if you live anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and need a solid after schools program that teaches your kids the basics of coding, writing their own code, making games and videos, creating friendships and learn how to think like a problem solver, you can sign them up with Code N Kids.

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